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There is an infection within our society that could easily unite all people. This infection has finally made its way into the mainstream because of the popularity of the Jeffrey Epstein case.

The problem is Jeffrey Epstein was allowed to operate in broad daylight for decades. He was friends with some of the most powerful families in the world and had a network influential and "credentialed" people who facilitated and even participated in his atrocious crimes.

The rich and power accepted him with open arms, former President of the United States flew on "Lolita Express" over 20 times. The FBI actively looked the other way and allowed this man to continue to assault and rape children.

On August 5th Facebook censored the hashtag #SaveTheChildren because of perceived infractions against its community guidelines.

Facebook has allowed news agencies (you know the ones who still don't report on Epstein or investigate him and his connections), corporations, politicians, and even foreign governments to use their platform to spread false information completely unrestricted.

They have allowed tens of millions of accounts to call for violence against law enforcement with the #ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards), allowed videos of violence against individuals to be distributed, and have for decades allowed their platform to facilitate crimes against children.

There is only WE THE PEOPLE that can #SaveTheChildren because our system of government, our corporate elite, and even our academic elite are all connected to this problem and openly accept the perpetrators as friends and "good people."


A Call To Arms
Where are people to turn when their government stands by and does nothing, when Corporations are in complete control of what can be said, heard, and seen online, and when children are being victimized by the rich and powerful?

WE THE PEOPLE must take action and use our voice, our energy, and all other resources that we can get our hands on and FIGHT for our children's future.

Hashtagging isn't enough, action must be taken. No matter how many #SaveTheChildren we type the distribution will be throttled and silenced.

Everyone must realize that the protections that Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act affords Big Tech is being used to silence oppositional voices and those that wish to bring attention to things Big Tech doesn't want you to focus on.

Facebook and Twitter don't want it known that their platforms are breeding grounds for crimes against Children.

WE need to stop feeding the BEAST that continues to protect these criminals.

Facebook Removed Nearly 750K Instagram Posts Showing Child Exploitation

Paedophiles use secret Facebook Groups to Swap Images

Facebook Vigilantes Who Hunt Pedophiles

Facebook asks "Is Paedophilia Okay?"

Facebook Allows Pedophilia

300 Cases of Child Exploitation Went Unnoticed By Facebook

Paedophile Websites Steal Half Their Photos From Social Media Sites Like Facebook

Facebook even makes sure to give a platform to those that actively advocate sexual assault of their children and allow those people to reach MILLIONS of followers.

A Common Infrastructure
The Collective has created an alternative internet free from Facebook, Twitter, and Google where information on current events can be talked about freely and openly.

This allows everyone that likes to use the major platforms to spread their message a place, a forum, a home base to talk without restrictions and to engage in lively debate.

If you think #hashtagging is the best way to solve this problem our technology and tools aren't really for you. We are dedicated to actively engaging this issue and taking this message to every street corner and house but to do this the movement needs to be organized and have the tools necessary to survive and thrive in all environments. - Just like Facebook

4TC Social operates nearly identically to Facebook. It allows you to create pages and groups, live stream, chat and participate in public forums. - #SaveTheChildren Forum

Openly discuss topics, post information to the public, and engage in debates regarding #SaveTheChildren without fear of political censorship, deplatforming, or shadow banning. - The Collective UnCensored News

All articles and news authored by The Collective or Verified Authors regarding #SaveTheChildren. We want to create an easy space to aggregate publications and articles regarding the topic to keep people informed. Once we get their attention in the real world they need a place to be educated and a place to send others to for GOOD information. - Just like Youtube

We offer a video hosting and distribution platform just like Youtube where content creators can accept donations directly to their PayPal (more support for payment systems coming soon)

Don't worry about your videos being taken down or throttled any longer. Host with us and distribute across social media and embed on your website.
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